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A Quick Review of the Listing Rules for Practitioners

July 2023

• Therapists should be resident in the United States or Canada, or at least should feasibly be able to offer their services to potential clients in these regions.

• You should only set up one account per address - you can then add further listings in other categories under this original account.

• More than one listing in the same category of therapy is not allowed.

• No more than ten categories are normally allowed per practitioner. Having too many categories can be counter-productive, as you will be seen as a non-specialist.

• Only list in those categories in which you are qualified and/or competent to practice.


• All accounts that do not contain Upgraded listings should be Registered. A small payment of only $12.50 per year confirms to us that the information is being kept up to date. Registration covers ALL listings in that account. In return, the listings will Basic+ instead of just Basic. This means they will be highlighted, will display phone numbers and also an image/logo. They will be included in some reports - above the Basic listings.

Registration helps us avoid displaying out-of-date listings which may no longer be active. Unregistered accounts may therefore be suspended or deleted without notice. All members are advised to look at the features page to compare the upgrade options available.


• No contact information such as email addresses, website URL's, phone numbers, Skype ID's etc. are permitted in any field except those specified for these data. In particular, using the "Practice Name", "Heading" or any other similar fields for email and web addresses or telephone numbers is prohibited. Similarly any logo image must not include such information. Regular checks are made to ensure compliance with this requirement. You are however permitted to include this sort of contact information in the Profile Text of your listings - however this text is not indexed nor displayed unless you have subscribed to an Upgrade.

• If your practice genuinely operates with a trading name such as 'OKtherapy.com' (i.e. practice name is a domain name) you can only use this if you have an upgraded listing (Enhanced, Premium or Sponsor), and have prior approval from UShealers.com. Otherwise you must list as, e.g. 'OK Therapy'

• No unsupportable claims, guarantees of cure or otherwise misleading statements must be made.

• No abusive, libelous, critical, offensive or otherwise undesirable content is permitted.

• For all listings that are unregistered or do not have a paid upgrade you must put a link back from your website to UShealers.com (see the Link page).

• Contact information and Listings must be kept UP-TO-DATE, particularly for changes of email address. You should also include UShealers.com in your incoming-mail 'allowed' list (whitelist). In the event that any emails bounce or fail, or if it is found that any contact information is not up-to-date, the account may be marked as SUSPENDED or DELETED without notice. It is a condition that Members agree to accept system emails (client leads, subscription reminders, notices, technical updates). Acceptance of marketing and other email types is optional and these can be unsubscribed in the Members' control panel.

• Individuals or organizations selling products rather than therapies must use the "Products" category. Only upgraded listings are accepted in this category.

• Individuals or organizations selling courses to therapists must use the "Courses" category. Only upgraded listings are accepted in this category.


• If you are making recurring payments for Registration or an Upgrade using Paypal, Credit/Debit Card, or Standing Order, you should understand that we do not 'take' or 'request' payment, but it is transferred to us from your funds in accordance with your instructions to Paypal, Stripe or your Bank.

• If therefore you wish to cease the arrangement, it is YOUR responsibility to cancel the payment BEFORE the next renewal date.
For Paypal you can do this from within your Paypal screen, or you can alternatively request that we cancel the arrangement giving at least 7 days notice before renewal. However if an 'unwanted' renewal has already taken place any refund will be made only at our discretion (see below).

• Normally no refunds are made for Registration payments. Payment for Upgrades will be refunded only in certain circumstances. In all cases refunds will be made at our discretion. Charges will be made for any part-month at the monthly rate. In all cases a handling fee will also be charged (min $6) to cover the time and any other costs involved.

• We strive to operate a very fair system and do not impose any contractual obligations on you, so you can cancel a subscription at any time during the payment period and your listings will simply continue at their paid level until expiry.
If you have subscribed via Paypal, you do not need to notify us if you wish to cease paying; simply cancel any instruction within your Paypal account. Alternatively you can ask us to cancel the payments for you.
If you have paid by Credit or Debit card through Stripe you should send an email request to us for cancellation, providing at least 7 days notice.
For standing Order subscription you need to contact your bank or use online banking to cancel the instruction.
All paid services will continue until expiry.


• Please report abuse of these rules, which are for the benefit of all members and their clients : Click Here.

• The website Administrator reserves the right to edit or delete any listings not adhering with the above simple rules. In such cases no payment refunds will be made.

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