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Frequently Asked Questions


1: After I register my account or upgrade my listing, how long does it take before I can see it ?

Your listing upgrade should be visible more or less immediately. The upgrade occurs automatically as soon as the electronic payment confirmation is received (usually under 1 minute).

2: I want to register under a CATEGORY that is not shown - can I add a new category ?

New Therapy Categories can only be added by us. However we are happy do this - as long as the new category is appropriate. Send us an email with details of your request.

3: Can I CHANGE my details once I have registered a listing ?

Yes, if you login to your Control Panel with your username(or email address) and password you can change any of your details. The only exception is your listing category. if you wish to change this you will need to contact us.

4: There are already lots of therapists listed under my category. If I have a Basic listing will I always be at the bottom ?

No. In the reports, Sponsor, Premium and Enhanced listings will always appear first (in that order), then Basic+ (registered), and finally Basic (unregistered). The order in which the entries are displayed within each of these upgrade types however is entirely random, so each time someone looks at the list it may be in a different order. However if you upgrade your listing you'll always be at the top of the list, and with a Sponsor or Premium listing you should always be on the first page.

5: Are there any DEMOS that I can look at to see all of the features ?

Yes, if you select the 'Therapy Type' search option and look in the bottom category ("zxy -DEMO ONLY- xyz"), you will see demo listings of all of the various types available. Click on the 'Profile' option of the Premium listing to see downloadable .pdf, video and Powerpoint presentations.

6: Do I have to put a LINK to UShealers.com from my website ?

Yes, but only if you have an unpaid listing - this is part of your agreement. If you do not have a website then you can request that this requirement is waived, but UShealers.com run regular checks and may delete listings that do not comply. The code for the links can be found by clicking here.

7a: Can I put website URLs in the Descriptive text (Profile) part of the listing ?

Yes, you can include URL's in the Profile Text (but HTML links will not work), but nowhere else except in those fields intended for website links. However if you only have a Basic or Basic+ listing, the Profile is not displayed and the text will therefore never be visible. It is only visible if you have a Sponsor, Premium or Enhanced upgrade.

7b: Can I put my email address in the Descriptive text (Profile) part of the listing ?

You can, but it is not a good idea to put your Email address in your Profile Text. If you include an email address in your Profile, it will be picked up by 'webcrawler' programs, and you will become bombarded with unsolicited junk mail. Clients can email via your listing if it has been upgraded.

8: I have an Enhanced listing but want to upgrade to Premium or Sponsor level. I have already paid for the next 9 months Enhanced - is this credited to me when I upgrade ?

Yes. You should order the upgrade in the normal way and pay the full amount first. We will then calculate the difference for every full month unused portion of the previous upgrade, and refund this to you. This only applies if you are ordering a new upgrade for a 12 month period. Email us with your refund request and we will instruct you on how to proceed.

9: I have listings under three categories. If I upgrade to e.g. Premium, does this upgrade apply to all of my listings?

No, an Upgrade applies only to a single listing within a single category. You will need to upgrade each listing if you want them all at, e.g. Premium level. Subscribing to an Upgrade however includes Registration of all of your listings, so any other non-upgraded listing will be at Basic+ level. However we can offer discounts for upgrades to multiple listings.

10: I have an Enhanced entry but am no longer working as a therapist. Can I cancel and get a refund ?

Most work is taken up configuring the entry initially. We therefore do not give refunds for cancelled accounts, except e.g. in the case of payments which have been duplicated in error.
If the circumstances are such that we agree to give a discretionary refund, a processing charge (minimum $6) will be deducted to cover costs.

11: I am paying quarterly for an Enhanced listing with a recurring subscription payment through Paypal. Is there a minimum period that this subscription has to run ?

No. You can cancel your subscription at any time. Your Enhanced listing will then run until the paid period expires, at which time your listing will revert to Basic level. There is no minimum subscription period with any type of listing, and we do not impose contracts that tie you in to our service.

12: How do I cancel payments from Paypal ?

You simply login to your Paypal account and cancel the subscription profile. Paypal will notify us. Your upgraded listing/registration will then run until the paid period expires, at which time your listing will revert to Basic level. You do not need to notify UShealers.com directly if you have cancelled through Paypal.
If you have problems doing this, you can alternatively send us a support email from your control panel requesting that we cancel the instruction from our side.

13: How do I cancel if I am paying by Standing Order ?

You just need to cancel the payment instruction with your bank. Your upgraded listing/registration will then run until the paid period expires, at which time your listing will revert to Basic level. You can (but do not need to) notify UShealers.com of this.

14: How do I cancel if I am paying by Card (Stripe) ?

You just need to send us an email request with details of your listing, asking to cancel the subscription.

15: The characters "##" have appeared in my Profile Text. Why is this ?

This is because you have included unallowable information in your text (see Quick Rules). The information has been deleted by our system and replaced with ## to indicate removed text.

16: All of my listings are shown as 'SUSPENDED'. Why is this ?

This is probably because some of your information has been shown to be out of date.
This is most likely your email address, which you have perhaps changed but you have not updated on our website. If any of our emails to you are unsuccessful, then your account automatically becomes suspended. After a short period of time, suspended accounts will be deleted. To avoid this, you should correct your details as soon as possible, then request unsuspension by notifying us via the contact page.


1: How do I get to the practitioner's own website ?

You can only do this if they have an Enhanced, Premium or Sponsor listing. Click on the image or logo on the left of the entry, or on the practitioner's name, or on the "Website" link. You can also find additional website links in the Profile Text of the listing by clicking on the "Further Info" option (additional links are available only with Sponsor and Premium upgrades).

2: I am looking for a therapist who can help with anxiety problems. Is it possible to search by illness or condition ?

Yes, in your case if you put 'anxiety' in the Keyword search, all practitioners who have mentioned this in their descriptive text will be displayed (only displays upgraded listings). There are also a number of standard 'problem' keyword reports on the UShealers.com home page which may include the problem you wish to search for.

3: How can I email a practitioner ?

If the practitioner only has a free (Basic) entry, this is not possible, as you have only the postal address available. If the practitioner has registered their account (Basic+ listings), you will also have telephone numbers.
However if the listing is Enhanced, Premium or Sponsor, you will be able to click on their email link, which will provide you with an online form to email the practitioner directly.
Any information sent by this method is completely secure and private between you and the therapist (no copies are stored by UShealers.com).

4: Is there any assurance that a therapist is bona-fide ?

UShealers.com is only a directory; it does not vet, and therefore cannot vouch for the qualifications, abilities or integrity of any practitioner listed.
It is therefore important for you to verify these things yourself. Any practitioner shown to be unlawful or dishonest or otherwise unsuitable will be removed. In using this website the user acknowledges that listings are not recommendations, and UShealers.com accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever relating to the performance of any practitioners listed. Visitors are requested to report any practitioners to us that do not reach acceptable standards, via our contact page.

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