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Naturopathic Physicians Specializing in Homeopathy and Japanese Acupuncture
Partners In Holistic Health
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Services Offered by Partners in Holistic Health

Partners In Holistic Health, Inc.

We treat patients of all ages and with all conditions, for acute and chronic health concerns. We have chosen to specialize in energy medicine, as this offers the deepest and longest lasting results. By understanding the core issues, the deepest sensations of our patients, we are able to give the most individualized care.

Classical Homeopathy. Japanese Acupuncture. Naturopathy. Graduates of National College of Naturopathic Medicine, (NCNM), in '81/'83. Ongoing and extensive training in Homeopathy with Rajan Sankaran and Divya Chhabra.

We work with patients on the deepest level of healing, using energy treatments of Homeopathy and Japanese Acupuncture. Our office is child friendly, easy to find and offers individualized care.

Ideal for Immune System benefits.


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