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The Munyer Method & Four Body Energy Release

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The Munyer Method & Four Body Energy Release
Neural Somatic Integration ®
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Neural Somatic Integration NSI is about love. Not the feeling of love (though there is plenty of that), but love as a way of being with each other in the world. Love arises only in conditions of safety and trust. Neural Somatic Integration is about discovering safety in our bodies. We need this safety in order to connect and interact with one another in loving ways in spite of personal trauma and environmental negativity. NSI is about finding the safety within ourselves that we need to heal and to support others' healing rather than living in states of freeze, defense and isolation.

In practice, NSI is a breakthrough approach to mind-body healing that combines bodywork with the latest understandings of human neurobiology, especially the activation of the Social Engagement System as described in the work of Dr. Steven W. Porges. NSI goes beyond traditional bodywork approaches to address the underlying neural networks that are responsible for the symptoms associated with trauma and emotional distress. Through intuitive instinctual touch and observation that allows the body-worker to 'tune in' to the neural signals of the client, NSI bypasses symptomatic manifestations of trauma and works directly with the body's own healing wisdom to rewire neural networks . Release of stored trauma, postural changes, diminished or eliminated pain, increased flexibility, a new interpersonal openness and socially engaged connections are immediate results of this work.

The body's intricate and pervasive system of neural networks provides a direct link between emotional states, mental images and stories, and physical sensations and symptoms. Where there is stored physical, spiritual, emotional or mental trauma there are corresponding physical indicators, which, if properly addressed, will lead the client into self---healing, and neural reprogramming. The result, neural somatic integration, is the equivalent of removing arterial blockages or relieving pinched nerves. Energy is released; muscle tension and pain eliminated; mental and emotional distress diminished without lengthy talk or physical therapy.

After 40 years of hands-on body-work and training and certification in numerous body-work and emotional disciplines (see Resume), Arthur Munyer, creator of Neural Somatic Integration (NSI), reached the conclusion that the combination of a sensitive practitioner's hands and a client's body is the key to identifying the underlying sources of physical and emotional distress, and the quickest and surest path to healing.

Drawing on the body's own wisdom for health and healing has been part of ancient and traditional healing modalities since the beginning of recorded time and is a cornerstone of some modern practices. Recent discoveries, however, of brain/body structures and observations of animals in their natural habitats have led to a more complete and "scientific" understanding of how the body responds to trauma and how it can, if properly enabled, can heal itself.

Peter Levine's observations of animal in the wild, for example, have revealed that the body has a "natural" way of dealing with trauma that leaves the victim without lasting symptoms and dysfunctions. However, in humans the "unnatural" conditions we live in and the cultural programming we have experienced have alienated us from our own natural healing processes and self--regulating mechanisms. Neural Somatic Integration leads us back to the healing processes that nature has stored in us

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