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Pamela T Iverson LPC, CACIII, EMDR, ThetaHeal
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I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in CO, I am a CO Certified Addiction Specialist, I am an International EMDR Certified practitioner and I am a Theta Healer.

Although I am clinically trained, I have been gifted with a highly intuitive sense that adds me to help in ways that are of a spiritual nature. Some come to me for clinical expertise and others for energy work and healings.

My extensive experience has led me to wanting primarily to remove deeply held beliefs at any level in an attempt to assist individuals to free themselves of unwanted patterns - they become free to live from their best self rather than filling roles that they believe they are obligated to fulfill.
I believe we are each unique and once we remove the programming that has set us in motion, we can become all that we are meant to become.

EYE Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) has developed many protocols to address different issues.

Trauma (sexual, physical and mental)
Acute Stress Disorder (to prevent PTSD)
Anxiety and panic

EMDR focuses on information processing and has developed a variety of protocols to assist with these issues successfully. I recently studied new protocols geared at addressing acute stress disorder as a means of preventing PTSD. Gaining some mastery over your issues can change your life!

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