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Persephone's Reading Room
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I´m a Certified Master Life Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, and Certified Health & Nutrition Coach with years of experience in business and spiritual leadership. Partner with me for professional life and career coaching that honors your spiritual path and values. Or, just expand and explore your personal growth.

Why Persephone? The Goddess Persephone symbolizes new growth, spring, and change. She was excited to come out of the darkness into the wonders of spring. Share her joy. Grow with the abandon of spring flowers as you live your best life.

- Increase your confidence through greater insight and achieve your highest potential in all areas of life.
- Traditional, spiritual, or metaphysical-based coaching available.
- Learn to trust your intuition with expert readings and guidance.
- Receive guidance through your choice of reading sources.
- Enjoy warmth and relaxation with distance Reiki for pets and people.
- Let me help you communicate with your animals or meet your animal spirit guides.

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