Mountain Miracles Midwifery, Inc.

Offering home birth, women's health and primary care services to the healthy, lo

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Offering home birth, women's health and primary care services to the healthy, lo
Mountain Miracles Midwifery, Inc.
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Mountain Miracles Midwifery is passionate about empowering women to trust in their inherent wisdom and know that their bodies, pregnancy and birth are healthy and normal! We encourage women to fully participate and be in tune with their bodies throughout their lifespan. We provide home birth services to low risk women of Colorado Springs and the surrounding area. We strive to provide evidenced-based and family centered care to the women of our community. We believe that pregnancy, birth and menopause are normal processes and intervene only when there is a deviation from normal. We believe that every woman should have the privilege to choose where and how she desires to birth and have the option of home birth with a certified nurse-midwife in her community. We believe in continuity of care and provide health promotion, disease prevention and health education while collaborating with other members of the healthcare team. We believe that the woman is a partner in her health care and advocate for informed choice, shared decision-making and the woman´s rightto make decisions for herself.

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